Welcome to CFRhino

CFRhino? What's that?

CFRhino is a web application framework, written in ColdFusion, that provides support for many aspects of web programming and site maintenance. It takes care of a lot of the repetative tasks when building web applications and pages by providing a framework for page templates, object reuse, data caching and many other assistive functions.

Unlike some other CF frameworks, CFRhino is very lightweight and doesn't try to do it all, it provides a structure into which you place your application components and a general method for wiring it all together.

Finally, CFRhino gives you a highly extensible framework allowing you to respond to framework events and even fire your own. Handlers are registered automatically when the framework starts (or is restarted manually) and these are cached into persistant scope for life of the application. The flexibility of these event hooks means you can extend the framework in many ways: